Friday, August 3, 2007

My favorite clothes and shoes

My favorite kind of shoes are air force ones. I like air force ones because when I was small I always wanted some. So when I got older I got some. I have had about seven pair of air force ones in my life. The second shoe I like is Jordan’s. The reason I like Jordan’s is because I like the basket ball player Michael Jordan.
The number Jordan’s I like are ones, threes, fours, fives, sixes, sevens, and tens. Those are the number Jordan’s I like out of twenty three. I have only had the fives, sixteen’s, sevens, and the twenty threes. I also like timberland because my dad always makes me get them. That is what made me like timberlands because of my dad.
I have had about four pair of timberlands in my life. Another shoe I like are huaraches. My dad bought me a pair a few weeks ago. The clothes that I like are rocawear. The reason I like rocawear is because Jay-z created rocawear and he is one of my favourite rappers. I have at least three rocawear outfits. I also like akademk because the clothing line is very good.
I have a few akademk shirts and one pair of pants. The other clothing line I like is girbaud. I have two pair of girbaud pants and one shirt. I would like to get more but it cost too much. The reason I like girbaud because people don’t make the kind of clothing girbaud makes.
Girbaud has a strip of sticky material that goes around the pants. Know one else has that kind of material on clothes. I also like ecko because I have so much of there clothing I have no choice but to like ecko. I have always had ecko because I has been out for so long. Another clothing line I like is polo.
I have polo shirts, pants, and shoes. Polo is one of my favourite clothing lines. I have a pair of red polo skippers at my old house. I also like the miskeen clothing line. I only have one shirt but my dad has some shorts I’m going to ask him for.
There is a miskeen shirt that I have but I left it in America. Miskeen is very popular in America only some people have the clothes. I have had a pair of Dwayne wades but I don’t like them very much. The reason that I don’t like them are because they are ugly. My favourite basketball shoes are Lebron James. I had a pair of those they were black and gold. Those are all the shoes I like.

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