Thursday, June 14, 2007

Reason I want to stay with my family

Dear, Abu
Abu one of the reasons I want to stay is because I don' t want to leave my loving mom. Another reason is that I have friends and family that I don' t want to leave. Also I love living with my family and I can' t live without them. The other reason I don' t want to leave is because I fit in here and I know everyone.
I really don' t want to go because I have been here for ten years and I have started a life down here. Also I have started a family and I don' t want to lose them. I have made two friends that are like my brothers, and they started crying when I told them. They also don' t want me to go. They know that if we had another chance we could do better. If I had another chance I would do alot better. I know me and my brother would make good grades.I would go to after school for tutoring everyday. I will also raise money to go to sylvan tutoring. I will also get good conduct, and I will get good complements from my teachers.
If I got one bad grade I would pack my stuff and go, because I knew you already had given me another chance. Abu if you give me another chance you won' t regret it, because I will be a whole knew child. You would think I was someone else, I will be in the house studying all day and everyday.You would not have to tell me to do stuff. I would just do it like I am doing my website right now.
Abu we didn't know what it felt like to get ready to go.When our mom told us we started crying, and we said to ourselves that if we had another chance we would do alot better. You will see a change in us if we had another chance. If I had another chance everyone would be so happy. Everyone would help me do better in school and at my house.
My mom said I always help her clean and help around the house. I cook for the family sometimes when my mom doesn't feel like it. I'm a really big help around the house. Without me I don' t know what my mom will do. It is also because my mom is a single mother, and she needs somebody to be the man of the house. So that' s why I think my mom wants us to stay living with her.
I really want to stay because I want to help my mom. I always help my mom with my sister and my cousin when they start crying. I also clean up my moms working room when it is very dirty. So she can have a clean place to make money. My mom doesn't even ask me to cleanup I just do it because I know she is always stressed.
I love you so much I just don't want to live with you. If it was you, you wouldn't want to move either. I have lived down in U.S too long to want to leave to go to England to live with you. It would of been better if you would of got us when we were young. Now we are to old to go.
Moving to England is like starting my whole life over. I have learned everything down here. It just wouldn't be the same if I moved. I would be so happy if i could just stay with my loving family. Also my family can' t live without me.
Abu may I have another chance to prove to you I can do better. I really want to make you proud. Abu these are the reasons I want to stay in the United States. I promise you won' t regret letting me stay. Abu please let me stay I won' t let you down.

From your loving son: Shalmuwn

Wednesday, June 13, 2007