Sunday, July 29, 2007

The big move

Well it is finally time to go I have my clothes packed and ready to go. You should know what’s running throw my mind right now. I don’t know what to expect, why I have to go, when I’m coming back. Everyone is sad that I have to go but I know it’s for the best. My mom says “its time to go”, so I get in the car.
It took us about thirty minutes to get to the airport. When we got to the airport I knew we were going for real. I sat down while my mom got my ticket to go. When she was finished I got on the train to go to part e of the airport. I got of the train and went to the food court to get are last American meal, I got Chinese food.
Now it’s time to go, were rushing to the gates. Luckily the flight has been delayed for thirty minutes. For those thirty minutes I just thought about who we were going to see there and who we was going to know. While I was thinking about that thirty minutes had went bye and it was time to get on the plane. I gave everyone a hug and got on the plane.
I was seated by the window just like I wanted. During the plane ride I watched Disturbia, three hundred, ghost rider, and blades of glory. During three hundred my brother found a wallet with one hundred forty dollars in it so we split it down the middle. Finding the money made me not so mad. For my dinner meal I had chicken, collar greens, and rice. For breakfast I had a fruit, bagel, orange juice, and crackers.
When it was time to get of the plane I heard a guy speaking like James bond so I thought it was him but it was a flight attendance. After that I walked down the hall to meet a lady that was going to take me to my dad. It took me a few minutes to get sorted then I left. I met my dad at the boarding place. After I met my dad we left to go to our new house. My dad lives in London England.
We got to our new house in about thirty minutes. When we got to our new house I unpacked my clothes and sorted out my new room. After that we went shopping to buy food for the house. My dad spent three hundred fifty pounds on food. After that we went back home to unpack the food.
We stayed at the house for a while before we had to pick up chileshe. At home my dad was thinking that we needed a new computer so we went out to get one and after we got chileshe. The computer was a plasma screen/television. We brought the computer home and hooked it up. By now it is night time so when we were finished we went to sleep.
A few days went bye and we were just in the house doing nothing. By now it was Thursday and we went to see Auntie Leah and Uncle Jeremy. At her house we did nothing but talk and think about were we were going to eat. We went to a Mexican place to eat. I ordered the biggest meal there but couldn’t finish it. We went home after that and I went straight to sleep. A few days later my dad had a family get together. I met most of my family there. We played darts, ate, and talked about a lot of things. I had a very good time with my family.

The next day my cousin Shak and Quamie taught us how to catch buses and get around London. We spent a lot of time with them. During that time we went to the skating rink and had a lot of fun. My dad’s birthday was coming up so I knew I had to get him something so we got him two shirts and a card. My cousin got him a very good picture of him on a throne and lions. On his birthday we also went out to see the movie Simpson’s. Today I am going to see my grandmamma and my uncle and that has been my journey in England so far.

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