Friday, October 26, 2007

How`s School Been

My First half-term at school has been really good. I have made a lot of friends that have things in common with me. One of my friends lived in America and had to move to England. All of the people in my school really like my ascent. My Dad told me that they would. I am taller than most of the people in my year.
The reason I really like the school is because they have a basketball team. I am really good in basketball so that is good for me. After our break the basketball season starts. The coach told me that I was the best player on the team and that I am captain. There is a boy from Nigeria and he is 6’4 but he can’t play basketball. So the coach asked me to teach him how to play. All he needs to do is jump for the basketball.

Another reason I like the school is because we have a break every two classes. We also have a break in the morning. When I was in America they didn’t do that. In the morning I sometimes have hot chocolate if I have the money. Most of the time we have packed lunch so I don’t need hot chocolate. The pack lunch I have is really good. I always get the things that I like.

My journey to school takes really long unless I meet up with my friends. I wake up at 6:00 and brush my teeth, wash my face, and use mouth wash. After I do that I put my clothes on. When I’m finished doing that I wake up my brother Zakariyah. By the time I am done with all of that it is 6:30. So I have 30 more minutes before I leave. I Go to the kitchen and eat oats for breakfast. After I’m that I pack my books into my bag and leave my house. I catch the train and its only 10 minutes away from my house. I catch the 7:19, when I get on the train It takes me 10 minutes to get to were I am going. When I reach my destination I catch a bus that takes me to my school.

The school work is not hard most of the thing that I learn my Dad has already taught me. The easiest class I have is English or P.E. The hardest class I have is Math. The reason Math is the hardest is because on the assessment test I had to do the work they did last year and I don `t know the work that they did last year because I wasn’t here. Other then that the work I do in math every other day is easy.

I am not bad the only teacher that has complained about me is my tutor teacher Mrs. Wilson. She says I am always late to her class and that I never wear my blazer. She is the only teacher that I don’t like in the school. The reason I wrote this essay is because I wanted you to know I was doing at school. I am doing very well in school and I hope you enjoyed my essay.

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