Friday, October 26, 2007

How`s School Been

My First half-term at school has been really good. I have made a lot of friends that have things in common with me. One of my friends lived in America and had to move to England. All of the people in my school really like my ascent. My Dad told me that they would. I am taller than most of the people in my year.
The reason I really like the school is because they have a basketball team. I am really good in basketball so that is good for me. After our break the basketball season starts. The coach told me that I was the best player on the team and that I am captain. There is a boy from Nigeria and he is 6’4 but he can’t play basketball. So the coach asked me to teach him how to play. All he needs to do is jump for the basketball.

Another reason I like the school is because we have a break every two classes. We also have a break in the morning. When I was in America they didn’t do that. In the morning I sometimes have hot chocolate if I have the money. Most of the time we have packed lunch so I don’t need hot chocolate. The pack lunch I have is really good. I always get the things that I like.

My journey to school takes really long unless I meet up with my friends. I wake up at 6:00 and brush my teeth, wash my face, and use mouth wash. After I do that I put my clothes on. When I’m finished doing that I wake up my brother Zakariyah. By the time I am done with all of that it is 6:30. So I have 30 more minutes before I leave. I Go to the kitchen and eat oats for breakfast. After I’m that I pack my books into my bag and leave my house. I catch the train and its only 10 minutes away from my house. I catch the 7:19, when I get on the train It takes me 10 minutes to get to were I am going. When I reach my destination I catch a bus that takes me to my school.

The school work is not hard most of the thing that I learn my Dad has already taught me. The easiest class I have is English or P.E. The hardest class I have is Math. The reason Math is the hardest is because on the assessment test I had to do the work they did last year and I don `t know the work that they did last year because I wasn’t here. Other then that the work I do in math every other day is easy.

I am not bad the only teacher that has complained about me is my tutor teacher Mrs. Wilson. She says I am always late to her class and that I never wear my blazer. She is the only teacher that I don’t like in the school. The reason I wrote this essay is because I wanted you to know I was doing at school. I am doing very well in school and I hope you enjoyed my essay.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The old church

Every Sunday my family use to go to this old church. I never went with them to the church is because every time I go to school I walk pass the church and it spooks me out. It is very spine-chilling and very weird. One day my mom made me go to the old church. I didn’t want to go but I had to. From my house it takes about 3 minutes to get there from my house. When we got there it was very frightening. There were webs everywhere and spiders everywhere. It was only about 8 people their. Church was finished in about 30 minutes. When we were leaving out of the church I forgot my coat. So I went into the church by myself to get my coat. When I went in I heard a supernatural voice. I think I saw a monster. It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen. I acted like I never saw it and went home. Next week I went to church by myself to see the monster. I didn’t think it could be that bad because it was in a church. So I went and I saw it but it still looked unearthly. It turned out to be an old dog.

Friday, August 3, 2007

My favorite clothes and shoes

My favorite kind of shoes are air force ones. I like air force ones because when I was small I always wanted some. So when I got older I got some. I have had about seven pair of air force ones in my life. The second shoe I like is Jordan’s. The reason I like Jordan’s is because I like the basket ball player Michael Jordan.
The number Jordan’s I like are ones, threes, fours, fives, sixes, sevens, and tens. Those are the number Jordan’s I like out of twenty three. I have only had the fives, sixteen’s, sevens, and the twenty threes. I also like timberland because my dad always makes me get them. That is what made me like timberlands because of my dad.
I have had about four pair of timberlands in my life. Another shoe I like are huaraches. My dad bought me a pair a few weeks ago. The clothes that I like are rocawear. The reason I like rocawear is because Jay-z created rocawear and he is one of my favourite rappers. I have at least three rocawear outfits. I also like akademk because the clothing line is very good.
I have a few akademk shirts and one pair of pants. The other clothing line I like is girbaud. I have two pair of girbaud pants and one shirt. I would like to get more but it cost too much. The reason I like girbaud because people don’t make the kind of clothing girbaud makes.
Girbaud has a strip of sticky material that goes around the pants. Know one else has that kind of material on clothes. I also like ecko because I have so much of there clothing I have no choice but to like ecko. I have always had ecko because I has been out for so long. Another clothing line I like is polo.
I have polo shirts, pants, and shoes. Polo is one of my favourite clothing lines. I have a pair of red polo skippers at my old house. I also like the miskeen clothing line. I only have one shirt but my dad has some shorts I’m going to ask him for.
There is a miskeen shirt that I have but I left it in America. Miskeen is very popular in America only some people have the clothes. I have had a pair of Dwayne wades but I don’t like them very much. The reason that I don’t like them are because they are ugly. My favourite basketball shoes are Lebron James. I had a pair of those they were black and gold. Those are all the shoes I like.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The big move

Well it is finally time to go I have my clothes packed and ready to go. You should know what’s running throw my mind right now. I don’t know what to expect, why I have to go, when I’m coming back. Everyone is sad that I have to go but I know it’s for the best. My mom says “its time to go”, so I get in the car.
It took us about thirty minutes to get to the airport. When we got to the airport I knew we were going for real. I sat down while my mom got my ticket to go. When she was finished I got on the train to go to part e of the airport. I got of the train and went to the food court to get are last American meal, I got Chinese food.
Now it’s time to go, were rushing to the gates. Luckily the flight has been delayed for thirty minutes. For those thirty minutes I just thought about who we were going to see there and who we was going to know. While I was thinking about that thirty minutes had went bye and it was time to get on the plane. I gave everyone a hug and got on the plane.
I was seated by the window just like I wanted. During the plane ride I watched Disturbia, three hundred, ghost rider, and blades of glory. During three hundred my brother found a wallet with one hundred forty dollars in it so we split it down the middle. Finding the money made me not so mad. For my dinner meal I had chicken, collar greens, and rice. For breakfast I had a fruit, bagel, orange juice, and crackers.
When it was time to get of the plane I heard a guy speaking like James bond so I thought it was him but it was a flight attendance. After that I walked down the hall to meet a lady that was going to take me to my dad. It took me a few minutes to get sorted then I left. I met my dad at the boarding place. After I met my dad we left to go to our new house. My dad lives in London England.
We got to our new house in about thirty minutes. When we got to our new house I unpacked my clothes and sorted out my new room. After that we went shopping to buy food for the house. My dad spent three hundred fifty pounds on food. After that we went back home to unpack the food.
We stayed at the house for a while before we had to pick up chileshe. At home my dad was thinking that we needed a new computer so we went out to get one and after we got chileshe. The computer was a plasma screen/television. We brought the computer home and hooked it up. By now it is night time so when we were finished we went to sleep.
A few days went bye and we were just in the house doing nothing. By now it was Thursday and we went to see Auntie Leah and Uncle Jeremy. At her house we did nothing but talk and think about were we were going to eat. We went to a Mexican place to eat. I ordered the biggest meal there but couldn’t finish it. We went home after that and I went straight to sleep. A few days later my dad had a family get together. I met most of my family there. We played darts, ate, and talked about a lot of things. I had a very good time with my family.

The next day my cousin Shak and Quamie taught us how to catch buses and get around London. We spent a lot of time with them. During that time we went to the skating rink and had a lot of fun. My dad’s birthday was coming up so I knew I had to get him something so we got him two shirts and a card. My cousin got him a very good picture of him on a throne and lions. On his birthday we also went out to see the movie Simpson’s. Today I am going to see my grandmamma and my uncle and that has been my journey in England so far.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Reason I want to stay with my family

Dear, Abu
Abu one of the reasons I want to stay is because I don' t want to leave my loving mom. Another reason is that I have friends and family that I don' t want to leave. Also I love living with my family and I can' t live without them. The other reason I don' t want to leave is because I fit in here and I know everyone.
I really don' t want to go because I have been here for ten years and I have started a life down here. Also I have started a family and I don' t want to lose them. I have made two friends that are like my brothers, and they started crying when I told them. They also don' t want me to go. They know that if we had another chance we could do better. If I had another chance I would do alot better. I know me and my brother would make good grades.I would go to after school for tutoring everyday. I will also raise money to go to sylvan tutoring. I will also get good conduct, and I will get good complements from my teachers.
If I got one bad grade I would pack my stuff and go, because I knew you already had given me another chance. Abu if you give me another chance you won' t regret it, because I will be a whole knew child. You would think I was someone else, I will be in the house studying all day and everyday.You would not have to tell me to do stuff. I would just do it like I am doing my website right now.
Abu we didn't know what it felt like to get ready to go.When our mom told us we started crying, and we said to ourselves that if we had another chance we would do alot better. You will see a change in us if we had another chance. If I had another chance everyone would be so happy. Everyone would help me do better in school and at my house.
My mom said I always help her clean and help around the house. I cook for the family sometimes when my mom doesn't feel like it. I'm a really big help around the house. Without me I don' t know what my mom will do. It is also because my mom is a single mother, and she needs somebody to be the man of the house. So that' s why I think my mom wants us to stay living with her.
I really want to stay because I want to help my mom. I always help my mom with my sister and my cousin when they start crying. I also clean up my moms working room when it is very dirty. So she can have a clean place to make money. My mom doesn't even ask me to cleanup I just do it because I know she is always stressed.
I love you so much I just don't want to live with you. If it was you, you wouldn't want to move either. I have lived down in U.S too long to want to leave to go to England to live with you. It would of been better if you would of got us when we were young. Now we are to old to go.
Moving to England is like starting my whole life over. I have learned everything down here. It just wouldn't be the same if I moved. I would be so happy if i could just stay with my loving family. Also my family can' t live without me.
Abu may I have another chance to prove to you I can do better. I really want to make you proud. Abu these are the reasons I want to stay in the United States. I promise you won' t regret letting me stay. Abu please let me stay I won' t let you down.

From your loving son: Shalmuwn

Wednesday, June 13, 2007